casper_san (casper_san) wrote in heroinebigbang,

Mod Post

Guys I'm really sorry for not responding as quickly as I could. I've been having some health issues that kind of made everything go on the back burner for me temporarily.

I did realize there were a few concerns with the deadline and not being able to post.

I'm not holding anyone to that deadline. It was just a means to help people get their work done but I would never not allow you to post. You guys work your butts off, so you do deserve to post.

As for the issues posting, LJ for some reason has an issue back changing members who were with the comms old settings. Bottom line: I had to manually add everyone to be able to post unmoderated.

Any issues, concerns or questions please feel free to message or comment here.

Thanks guys. And again, truly sorry about the late replies.
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