Chezza (inkpaws) wrote in heroinebigbang,

Green Arrow Fic: Don't Fear The Reaper

Title: Don't Fear The Reaper
Author: inkpaws
Artist: dreammaidenn
Fandom: Green Arrow (DC comics)
Summary: Dinah is thrust into a universe where Oliver Queen is one of the last men standing in Star City. A mysterious disease has wiped out most of the world's superheros, the dead walk the Earth and there's no hope in sight.
Rating: T
Warning: Character death, mild gore.
Pairing/Characters: Dinah Lance/Oliver Queen,
Type: Het
Word Count: 11,894
Type of Bang: Big Bang

Link to AO3 Story:
Link to Art:
Tags: #fic, *round four-redeux, bang size: big, fandom: dc comics
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