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heroinebigbang's Journal

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Big Bangs for the Woman!
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New Schedule
Jan 24 - Signups Open! Artist & Author
Feb 20 - First Check In
March 30 - Second Check In (Mandatory)
April 1 - Author Signups Close
May 4th - Rough Drafts Due
May 5th - Artist Claims Up
May 19th - Third Check In (Mandatory
May 30 - Final Drafts Due & Posting Date Signup
June 4th - Posting Starts!

Round Three
Since the point of this BB is to create fic for the ladies, we will have three levels for writers this round:
  • Big Bang: 10k is the Minimum, there is no Maximum.
  • Mini Bang: 5k
  • Tiny Bang: 1.5K

    >> if you wrote a story for round two, please go check out THIS post for the details for your stories.

    >> the FAQ's have been updated

    >> Author Signups are OPEN. Go HERE to do it!
    >> Artist Signups are OPEN. Go HERE to do it!
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