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What is a Big Bang?
There are many different types of bigbangs, all varying slightly, but generally a bigbang is a process in which authors write long fics (10,000 or 20,000 words) and artists make art/fanmixes for them. [Copied from vampirebigbang]

Sign Up?
If you are an author, signs up are here, starting May 5th until October 30th with two rounds. If you are an artist, sign ups are here, starting May 5th until October 30th with two rounds.

Can I sign up for both?


What can I write?
Any and all fandoms are allowed for this.

What is considered an appropriate?
The story has to showcase a female hero of the story.

What's the Minimum Word Count?
Big Bang: 15k is the Minimum, there is no Maximum.
Mini Bang: 5k

Original? Genres?
For this challenge, I'm allowing originals.

Can I write with someone?
Yes, you may.

Can I write more then one story?
If you think you can handle it, then yes. The more, the better. :)


What is considered for Art?
Artwork is considered in different forms. Graphics, drawing, mixes, vids...

How do I make a claim?
Claims are done on a first come, first serve basis. We will be putting up a f-locked post and the artists and fanmixers will reply to it with their first, second, and third choices and will be assigned the first fic that is available within those choices.


May 5th - Sign Ups
June 1st - Check In #1
July 1st - Check In #2
August 1st - Rough Drafts Due
(for Round One)
August 5th - Artist Claims
(for Round One)
September 5th - Story Posting
(for Round One)
September 25th - Rough Drafts Due
(for Round Two)
September 30th - Artist Claims
(for Round Two)
October 30th - Story Posting

What's a checkpoint?
These aren't mandatory. They're something to give you a feel on where a typical author should be at in their writing process. They're used for encouragement and motivation only.

Will artists get checkpoints?
We will be making sure everyone's on the right track and are able to finish their art/fanmix before the deadline, but these checkpoints will be less formal, as there is no wordcount for a piece of art.

What should my rough draft look like?
It needs to be at least half complete or 50% completed. You do not need to have your fic finished by this time however, you may still work on it and get it beta-read until your final fic and art is due. We just need to be able to reasonably verify that you are going to be able to post on your assigned date.

Can I have an extension?
We will be granting extensions on a case-by-case basis for rough drafts as long as your final fic or art is in by the due date. We would hope, however, that you use the checkpoints and all your available writing time to it's fullest.

Posting Requirements will be added closer to the rough draft date.
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